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How ACAI Outdoorwear Referral Program Led to 6.4% Revenue Growth

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Growing up, my career choices changed at a lightning speed, just like most of us.

One moment, I would want to be a singer, the next an Air Force officer and if you asked me a week later, I’d come up with a totally new career.

But the pattern finally broke when I reached 7th grade and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

Reason? The whole idea of being a part of the glamorous fashion industry, seeing mannequins, magazines, and models shimmering with my designs, was mesmerizing.

Nevertheless, I’m glad today that I didn’t pursue fashion design, not just because of the cutting competition but because I lacked the most important thing — purpose.

Yes, my dream palace was made of glass tainted by blots of vagueness which, without a purpose, could have shattered later.

That’s why, fashion, or any career for that matter, outshines with a purpose and Kasia Bromley, founder of ACAI Outdoorwear made this happen.


ACAI Outdoorwear Purpose

If I were to ignore our typical, “I’ve got no good clothes to wear” mood aside, we women have always got clothing options under our belt.

Be it for parties, dinners, weddings, or work, there’s a style statement that can be adopted but what about outdoor wear?

This is something that the ACAI outdoor wear founder decided to revolutionize.

ACAI Outdoorwear story

She noticed how most brands refurbished male outdoor clothing for women and saw the need to give women’s outdoor clothing a sense of style, confidence, and fitness.

And it’s not just her. Minu Margeret, founder of Blissclub was also driven by the need to create customized activewear for women.

Brands That Stand Out Get Noticed

Psychology says when you wear high-quality and well-tailored clothes, you feel more confident and powerful which makes you face challenges at work/personal life.

Honestly, I can relate to this too well because I somehow feel this spike in energy every time I run in my HRX workout clothes than I felt while running in oversized clothes.

Now that’s the experience HRX provides me and going by the 15.9K reviews, I feel the same about ACAI outerwear.

For instance, I’ve told many people in my circle about food from Hungry Alien because

  1. Their food is healthy yet tasty, especially their vegan meat

  2. The packaging comes with a special handwritten note from the founder

Now you tell me, why wouldn’t I speak of a brand to my friends if I receive such nice gestures?

It is indeed the good brand experience that makes people notice and start talking about it and ACAI’s outerwear revenue growth of up to 6.4% via referrals says it all.

Let’s quickly break ACAI outdoor wear referral program down and see if it’s as good as their products.

ACAI outdoor wear

Is ACAI Outdoorwear Referral Worthy?

Outdoor wear that breaks the ‘pink it and shrink it’ way of selling products to women, is comfortable, breathable, sustainable, and stylish.

No kidding! Any woman who’s outdoorsy would refer her friends to ACAI outdoor wear clothes.

But hold on, it’s not just the outdoor wear styled by women for women as couture fashion, that’d motivate women to refer a friend. It’s also the reward!

Peek-A-Boo, Referral Program I See You!

ACAI outdoor wear referral rewards are raining cats and dogs on their platform and it’s so wonderful to see a referral program defined so clearly!

As soon as I land on their beautiful website, I see a refer and earn banner on top that says give £20 and get £20.

How simple yet clear, right? Next, I scroll down to explore their products, and the same reference and earn banner are no longer visible.

ACAI Referral

In fact, it’s quite surprising to see that their referral program is only added to the banner and slightly hidden in the footer or menu.

Since a customer’s automatic behavior is to scroll and explore more, their refer and earn banner may not give enough attention.

So how could ACAI outdoor wear ensure that their referral program gets good engagement? By ensuring that it’s out there. Here’s everything they should do —

  • Header and footer: Ensure that their refer and earn banner remains static on top as well as stands out in the footer

  • Icon: If not, add a section on it under their help section icon or have a specific icon for refer and earn using a referral program plugin

ACAI Outdoor wear refferal qustions

  • Cart or checkout: Not to mention, a pop-up or text on the referral program should be enabled in the cart or checkout section, like “Hey, you could save £20”.

Such ways will increase the likelihood of a customer referring their friends.

How to Refer Someone to ACAI Outdoor wear?

Upon clicking on their refer and earn banner, I see that if my referred friend makes a purchase of a minimum of £50, they get £20 off on their first purchase and I get £20 off on my next purchase.

In order to refer a friend, all I’ve to do is enter my email ID and then I see various ways of sharing my ACAI outdoor wear referral code via email, social media, and link copying.

Now here, what’s most interesting is the fact that their referral message is quite straightforward, especially for new customers.

Unlike The Whole Truth referral program that I reviewed, it keeps the message subtle.

acai give 20 get 20

It’s Referral Program, Not a Puzzle

Thankfully, ACAI outdoorwear’s referral program isn’t a puzzle that customers have to solve. Their referral page clearly states the minimum order value along with refer and earn FAQs.

ACAI Refer a friend

Additionally, when a referred friend clicks on a referral link to claim a discount code, it is automatically applied at the check out which again is an unambiguous message.

acai referral program

Referral Program Rewards and Retention

Currently, the referral reward that ACAI outdoor wear offers is £20. This means that for an order valued at £50, they offer a 40% discount approximate and this starts to lose value as the price goes up to £100.

Given that it’s an e-commerce business, one great way to offer better rewards on referrals would be to offer virtual coins. Customers could get ACAI coins upon referral which could be added to their ACAI wallet.

This would bring in

  1. Exclusivity for referrers encouraging them to make more referrals

  2. Make them come back for more boosting retention

AJIO, an online clothing brand, offers 5% of the order value up to a maximum of ₹200 per order as AJIO Points, on minimum purchase of specified products worth ₹2999 and above.

Another way of improving retention is to build a tiered referral program. The more referrals customers made, the more coins or better rewards they would get.

Give £20 Get £20 Shines on Social Media

While their account confirmation email seemed more like an email verification one, I was glad to see that at least their Instagram account has a clear refer and earn a link.

ACAI Outdoorwear Instagram Post

Your Turn to Leverage Referral Program Benefits

As part of my referral program review series, ACAI outdoorwear referral program is a 6 on 10 as its visibility and rewards have a clear scope for improvement.

But you know what’s above this? The fact that they focussed on a referral program and made it happen led to revenue growth. As per Gather’s report,

  1. 3.6% of sales were generated by customers' friends

  2. 2.8% of sales were generated from the advocates

Just like ACAI outdoor wear, you can too build a referral program for your e-commerce business. All you need is a referral program app that generates referrals that you relax. Visit Flyy to learn more.

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