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How ACAI Outdoorwear Referral Program Led to 6.4% Revenue Growth

Updated: Jan 11

Growing up, my career choices changed at a lightning speed, just like most of us.

One moment, I would want to be a singer, the next an Air Force officer and if you asked me a week later, I’d come up with a totally new career.

But the pattern finally broke when I reached 7th grade and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

Reason? The whole idea of being a part of the glamorous fashion industry, seeing mannequins, magazines, and models shimmering with my designs, was mesmerizing.

Nevertheless, I’m glad today that I didn’t pursue fashion design, not just because of the cutting competition but because I lacked the most important thing — purpose.

Yes, my dream palace was made of glass tainted by blots of vagueness which, without a purpose, could have shattered later.

That’s why, fashion, or any career for that matter, outshines with a purpose and Kasia Bromley, founder of ACAI Outdoorwear made this happen.


ACAI Outdoorwear Purpose

If I were to ignore our typical, “I’ve got no good clothes to wear” mood aside, we women have always got clothing options under our belt.

Be it for parties, dinners, weddings, or work, there’s a style statement that can be adopted but what about outdoor wear?

This is something that the ACAI outdoor wear founder decided to revolutionize.

ACAI Outdoorwear story