Use a Referral Program To Get 1 Million Users On The Waitlist To Try Your App Even Before Launch.

Sounds impossible, right? How can a referral program get 1 million users waiting to try your app even before launch? Acquiring users for an app is hard, but it’s even harder when the app doesn’t exist yet. This is the story of Robinhood, a US-based commission-free stock trading and investment app which is now valued at $11.7 [...]

Going Viral with a Referral Program: Role of Micro-influencers, Payout Challenges, Monetization (Part 3)

This is the third and final post in the series of three blog posts on the AppBrowzer’s Viral Referral Program. Do you want to see how going viral looks like? Have a look at this. As you can see in the heatmap, users were downloading and using AppBrowzer from all over India. I was especially [...]

Lessons From AppBrowzer Referral Program — 300k to 1.5 Million Users in 21 Days (Part 1)

This is the first post in the series of three blog posts on the AppBrowzer Referral Program. January 8th, 2019, as I walked into my office, one of the backend engineers told me that some of our servers are down and AppBrowzer App isn’t working. He wasn’t able to figure out the issue. I told [...]

How to Use GPay like Scratch Cards for 100x Results in Referral Program?

This is the story of Groww, which increased the performance of its referral program by 100x using Gpay like Scratch Cards. It is an investment platform that wants to make investing simple and accessible for everyone using technology. It was launched in April 2017, just 5 months after Demonetisation by ex-Flipkart employees with a sharp [...]

Dropbox Referral Program - A Story of 3900% growth in just 15 months

Dropbox Referral Program is one of the most talked-about referral programs on the Internet. MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi founded Dropbox in 2007. The cloud-based file storage and sharing service had built up a good early fan base within a year, concentrated primarily among the tech-savvy community centered in Silicon Valley. However, they [...]

PayPal Referral Program  – A Case Study of  Internet’s First Viral Growth Hack Using Referrals

There is no blog on the Internet that goes without mentioning the PayPal Referral program when talking about viral growth using referrals. I have read most of them. They are informative. However, I couldn’t find an in-depth analysis that could help me plan and execute a referral program. So, in this post, I dive deep [...]