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How Ikano Bank Got 1 Million User Engagement by Gamifying Savings

Updated: 3 days ago

“Eat well, work hard, and save” — This is what I hear every time my parents call me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who sticks to the financial mantra of ‘Earn-Save-Spend’.

But truth be told, it’s easier said than done, right?

After all, we’re not kids anymore where we could save some of the money we’d get from parents or relatives into cute piggy banks.

I still remember putting those 10 rupee notes and 1 rupee coin into my mud piggy bank with the excitement of breaking it a year after.

The thrill of imagining the day I’d get to throw it onto the ground and see how many notes and coins spread on the floor, can’t be sufficed in words.

Now fast forward to adulthood, it’s a whole different story. Saving our very hard-earned money along with clearing all those bills and let’s not forget maintaining our lifestyle is tough.

I mean think of all that tasty food, those nice dresses, travel places, gadgets etc out there. It’s hard to not give into spending money, isn’t it?


The bottom line — it’s not easy saving money.

But something difficult doesn’t mean impossible, right? With the right knowledge, some motivation and lots of willpower, one can save money.

Now while the last part is completely up to us, we can get help when it comes to the first two and that’s what companies like Ikano Bank do.

But before we tap into how the bank encourages younger folks to save money, let’s first understand why saving money is so difficult for the younger generation.