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Use This IPL Campaign Idea to Boost Engagement by 8X in IPL 2023

Updated: Apr 28

Watch IPL 2023, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Rings a bell? If so, this is probably your routine too and if not, you may know such people, wouldn’t you?

I mean at least I know people who have nothing other than “Nothing dude, watching IPL” to reply when asked what’s up with them.

In fact, one of my friends said his plan till May 28th, 2023 is to watch IPL and chill.

It’s crazy how IPL (Indian Premier League) is celebrated in India! That’s why Suresh Raina rightly said that IPL is a festival in India.

Whether it’s friends and families watching IPL together at home or new bonds brewed over IPL screenings at restaurants and pubs, the enthusiasm that IPL holds is just stupendous.

And the dedication and commitment? Don’t even get me started.

We all know that RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) has never lifted the IPL trophy in the last 15 years but RCB fans still stay faithful to the team, including me.


Be it because of their love for Virat Kohli or Bangalore, RCB fans are a true symbol of loyalty and this is just an example of how emotionally invested Indians are in IPL.

Now wouldn’t it be a nice idea to use an IPL fan following to your brand’s benefit and improve customer acquisition, retention and engagement?

IPL in itself is a magic marketing strategy that can boost your business engagement. Most brands leverage IPL advertising by launching creative campaigns, contests and giveaways.

Having said that, CRED 2022 IPL campaign is my personal favourite being one of the most creative IPL marketing campaigns ever. Let’s see why.

CRED: Play It Different IPL Campaign