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Use This IPL Campaign Idea to Boost Engagement by 8X in IPL 2023

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Watch IPL 2023, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Rings a bell? If so, this is probably your routine too and if not, you may know such people, wouldn’t you?

I mean at least I know people who have nothing other than “Nothing dude, watching IPL” to reply when asked what’s up with them.

In fact, one of my friends said his plan till May 28th, 2023 is to watch IPL and chill.

It’s crazy how IPL (Indian Premier League) is celebrated in India! That’s why Suresh Raina rightly said that IPL is a festival in India.

Whether it’s friends and families watching IPL together at home or new bonds brewed over IPL screenings at restaurants and pubs, the enthusiasm that IPL holds is just stupendous.

And the dedication and commitment? Don’t even get me started.

We all know that RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) has never lifted the IPL trophy in the last 15 years but RCB fans still stay faithful to the team, including me.


Be it because of their love for Virat Kohli or Bangalore, RCB fans are a true symbol of loyalty and this is just an example of how emotionally invested Indians are in IPL.

Now wouldn’t it be a nice idea to use an IPL fan following to your brand’s benefit and improve customer acquisition, retention and engagement?

IPL in itself is a magic marketing strategy that can boost your business engagement. Most brands leverage IPL advertising by launching creative campaigns, contests and giveaways.

Having said that, CRED 2022 IPL campaign is my personal favourite being one of the most creative IPL marketing campaigns ever. Let’s see why.

CRED: Play It Different IPL Campaign

As per a Forbes report, CRED, a reward-based credit card payment fintech company, got 2.4 million new customers during the two months of the IPL 2022.

They used a brilliant blend of fintech and creativity in their CRED IPL campaign called ‘Play It Different’ where they featured 90s popular actors and actresses in their ads.

CRED-Play-It-Different-IPL-Campaign 2

They launched a similar campaign in 2020 which saw a 6 to 7x increase in their daily sign-ups after the launch of the IPL campaign. But! Yes, there’s always a but.

CRED, as we all know, had the budget to onboard such Bollywood personalities, and crickets and of course in a position to be the official partner of IPL seasons.

Speaking of 2023 IPL campaigns, Zomato recently featured Rishabh Pant to officially launch Zomato Premier League 2023, a predict and win daily IPL quiz contest.


Now can every brand partner with such popular cricket players? No. But can every brand run such an IPL quiz? Yes!

Actually, even better. Your brand can not only run an IPL quiz campaign and offer cool rewards but also make it stand out from other IPL contests by adding IPL stamps.

That’s right. Users take simple actions like signing up or participating in an IPL quiz and collect IPL stamps via scratch cards and win a final reward upon collecting all.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s simpler to set up a stamp collection campaign using Flyy.

Let’s get you started.

Traveling Back in Time with IPL Stamp Campaign

Most of us have grown up playing several kinds of card games with cricket trump card game being one of them.

I still remember playing cricket trump card with my friends, wishing to get Sachin Tendulkar card somehow.


Why? Goes without saying but we all knew that his card had the highest value and would make me win.

That’s the reason I wanted that particular card and that’s the same logic IPL stamps also work around.

Your users can collect let’s say captain, jersey or team stamps.

The weightage of one particular stamp, say Chennai Super King’s Dhoni could be the rarest to find and if someone gets all, they win a cash or virtual reward.

So how do we go about it? Setting up such weightage? Adding IPL stamps? Setting up rewards? It’s easy to do so using Flyy’s dashboard.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create a stamp campaign for the IPL season in 3 simple steps.

IPL Stamp Campaign - A Treasure Hunt

Prepare for the Hunt

First, you ask your users to hunt for IPL stamps. This requires you to set up a theme and add stamps which you can easily do under the ‘Create Stamp Campaign’ section.

Step 1: How to Hunt?

1a: After logging into your Flyy dashboard, select the campaign type as ‘Retention’. Next, go to the ‘Retention’ drop-down on the left-hand side and click on ‘Stamp Campaigns’.


1b: Once you click on ‘Create Campaign’, you can go on setting a theme for your stamp campaign based on content, banner and stamps.

Under ‘Design Theme’. If you select ‘Default’, you can set up text-based titles, descriptions and rules. Let’s see how that looks.


Now in case you want to put all of the above content on a banner, you can select ‘Banner’ under ‘Design Theme’ and upload one based on your choice.


Step 2: What to Hunt?

At this point, we ask the users to collect the 10 IPL team captain stamps and we do so by adding them under the ‘Stamps’ section. Adding stamps is super easy. All you’ve to do is upload a stamp image, give a name to it and attach a Weightage which is the probability of getting a stamp.

For example, if you assign a KL Rahul stamp 100 weightage, users can easily unlock it multiple times but a Dhoni stamp with weightage 2 would be rare to unlock.


This is how you’d keep participants hooked to your campaign, making them keep collecting stamps until they find the rare ones and complete the 10 team captains set.

Step 3: Why Hunt?

Here, you define rewards for your IPL stamp campaign. You can choose between cash or virtual currency (Points) and the rest of the process remains the same for both.

  1. Select the minimum and maximum reward value

  2. Set the entire campaign budget

  3. Average reward you want to offer

  4. Campaign priority remains 1 in one stamp type campaign and changes in the case of multiple-step stamp types.

  5. Select whether you want to run the campaign for all users or a segment and click on ‘Save’


Challenge Users to Hunt for IPL Stamps

Now comes the goal you want to achieve by running your IPL stamp campaign. Do you want new customers, increase transactions or certain video views?

You can decide which action you want users to take in order to unlock and earn stamps by creating ‘Challenges’.

Step 1: Choose Offer, Event and Reward

1a: In order to create challenges, go to ‘Create Challenges’ under the ‘Retention’ section itself. You can start by selecting ‘Offer Type’ as ‘Collection’ since it’s a stamp collection campaign.

1b: Next, you can choose which event you want to reward your user on under ‘Select Event to Reward’ which in my case is ‘Transaction’.

Since I want to offer stamps only on 1st transaction, my ‘Event Count’ is 1 followed by the ‘Button Text’ of your choice.

You can also add a ‘Deep Link URL’ depending on whether you want to redirect users to a detailed page to perform desired actions.


Step 2: Get Creative With Content and Style

Add a title and description related to your offer along with a banner. This is where you can get creative in order to ensure that users take the desired action and collect stamps.


Step 3: Get the Ball Rolling

Select how long you want to run the IPL stamp campaign by selecting a start and end date. Next, choose which users you want to make the campaign LIVE for. Finally, set how many scratch cards you want to give a user on a daily and lifetime basis.


Howzat Hunt Going?

Step 1: IPL Stamp Campaign Screens

Let’s take a look at how the campaign will look inside your app once LIVE. Your offers section will show your campaign banner with a button.

Upon clicking on ‘Play’, your users will be able to see the stamps and challenges that they should complete in order to earn those stamps.


Step 2: Analyse Performance

Under ‘Dashboard’, you can check your IPL treasure hunt campaign performance by measuring metrics like total users who participated, and average and total reward given out for the date range of your choice.

Don’t forget to set the offer type as ‘Collection’, the prize as ‘Cash’ and the event as ‘Transaction’ or whatever it is that you customise.


Score Big With Gamification

The ongoing IPL season is only one of the ways you can leverage it to gamify your customer experience.

Mintpro, an insurance app grew its customer engagement by 8x and saw a 50% increase in content shares by launching an IPL stamp collection campaign.

Just like Mintpro, you can also run a stamp campaign for any festive occasion or even or product or service-related stamps during the non-occasion season.

So are you ready to score big with gamification and align it with your business goals to achieve growth? Book a demo today with Flyy.



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