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70% Increase in Payment. Here’s Why Lucky Draw Campaign Is a Catch!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Jiraya, along with Naruto, is on a quest to bring Tsunade back to the Leaf village and be the fifth Hokage.

However, Tsunade, being one of the most powerful Ninjas, has one weakness — she gambles and this turns into a blessing for Jiraya as he knows exactly where to find her.

So he decides to stop by Tsunade's last known location only to find himself in a gambling dilemma.

“I’ll tell you which way Tsunade went if you agree to roll a pair of dice and win,” says the other guy and guess what?

Jiraya actually decides to try his luck and ends up getting an even number and wins, thanks to Naruto’s attempt of trying to learn Rasengan jutsu.


Now you may wonder why am I going on, composing this excerpt from Naruto, using the rhythm of keys clicking through my keyboard.

Well, it’s not just because I’m a huge fan of Naruto. I’ll tell you why.

But before that, I want to share an incident where I once got into Jiraya’s shoes.

Winning Housie at Flyy Christmas Party

We were celebrating Christmas 2022 at Flyy office and to make things fun, we decided to play Housie, a raffle game that I’d played as a child at mom’s kitty parties and never won.

Yes, I’d never won a single game of housie and driven by the thought of this unfortunate legacy, I decided not to play.

But then a voice inside me said, “Come on Priya, it’s been years. You might get lucky, you never know”.

Plus a ticket cost just ₹50 so I decided to give it a shot. Moreover, I wasn’t the only one trying her luck.

My colleague Naveen bought 2 tickets hoping to increase his winning chances and guess what? Both he and I won.


Call it pure luck whether Naruto’s Rasengan Jutsu practise helping Jiraya win or me getting the bottom row before anyone else, the question is why did we do it?

Why Jiraya couldn’t say no to the dice game? Why did I want to try my luck again at the Housie raffle game? Let’s find out.

Why Lucky Draw Campaigns Work?

Why do we find lucky draws or raffles appealing? Why do some people buy lottery tickets? Why do game arenas have such a craze among youngsters?

Because we want to feel a sense of control. Yes, studies have shown that it is due to a phenomenon called the ‘illusion of control’ that people engage in lucky draws.

In simple words, people want to control an uncertain situation at hand. By winning, they want to treat their self-esteem, to feel worthy be it in their own eyes or others’.

Apart from this, there’s another reason why certain people participate in raffle games or lucky draw contests and when I say certain people, I mean loyal customers.

Whenever a brand uses a gamification strategy like a lucky draw, its loyal customers are most likely to engage with it and that’s because of a phenomenon called the ‘Lucky Loyalty Effect’.

Lucky Loyalty Effect

“I’ve been loyal to the brand so far, I’m definitely going to be luckier and win a reward.”

This is the lucky loyalty effect, termed by Rebecca Walker Reczek, a marketing professor and researcher at Ohio State University he research team.

It means that when a business offers promotional rewards, its loyal customers tend to believe that they will be luckier in winning, even when the outcome is random.


Reason? Because they feel that are entitled and deserve to win and to be treated well by a brand due to the time and effort they’ve invested in it.

This eventually increases participation.

“But hey, just because some people like to try their luck to feel a greater sense of control while others feel luckier due to loyalty means that lucky draw campaigns actually work?”

At this point, you may have wondered this and if you already did, the next thing I’m going to tell you will bring good news!

Lucky draw campaigns actually work and help you achieve certain business goals by rewarding customers with lucky draw prizes.

How Yarra Ranges Council Increased Rate Payment by 70%

On-time payment is a real struggle, something that not just finance companies face alone.

Yarra Ranges Council, a local government area located in Victoria, Australia is one of the largest, most varied, scenic municipalities.


Their aim is to promote, understand and conserve the built and cultural heritage of the Yarra Ranges but they began to face difficulty with something necessary to drive this — cash flow.

Yes, receiving money from ratepayers in full and on time became a challenge for the council and in order to solve this, they came up with a lucky draw campaign in 2016.

By offering incentives, they decided to encourage residents to pay their rates early but there was a condition for ratepayers to enter into the drawing contest.

Winning the draw prize such as lavish accommodation, a hot air balloon ride etc, came with its own price — paying outstanding rates and charges by a certain date.

Quite a smart gamification strategy, isn’t it? I mean if you see the prizes, you’d yourself want to clear your dues. Take a look.

  1. Accommodation and dinner in the Yarra Valley, worth $1000

  2. A hot-air balloon ride with a champagne breakfast, worth $800

  3. Lunch and ride on Puffing Billy, worth $400

  4. Yarra Valley products hamper, valued at $200

  5. A Healesville Sanctuary Magic Moment, valued at $100


Yarra Ranges Council’s lucky draw was such a success that they saw a net increase of over $5 million in early payments.

Yarra Ranges early payment success is a true example of how businesses can use lucky draw gamification campaigns to achieve certain goals.

“But what about customer acquisition and retention? How can lucky draw campaigns serve such goals?” I wondered and continued my research only to come across an amazing use case.

Grab Malaysia Lucky Draw Campaign for Drivers

Every morning, I try my luck with finding cabs to the office for good 30 minutes.

“If a driver accepts my request and arrives on time without cancelling the ride, it’s going to be my lucky day”, I feel this and if you feel this too, we’re the same.

I live in Bangalore, India and this is a daily struggle due to the increase in high demand for rides but turns out, people in Malaysia face something similar.

That’s why to solve this, Grab Malaysia, Southeast Asia's leading taxi and food delivery app, decided to encourage drivers to sign up on their platform with a lucky draw campaign.

In May 2023, Grab Malaysia launched a lucky draw campaign for both existing and new driver-partners where they get a chance to win 2 Perodua Bezza cars and other prizes.


To join, drivers simply need to complete a ride and get 100 entries and 2 more entries per ride.

Clearly, lucky draws can be smartly used to achieve business goals and Yarra Ranges Council and Grab Malaysia aren’t the only proofs.

Studies have also shown that marketing strategies that include the use of a belief-in-luck strategy improve sales, and product trials and build brand awareness.

But again, setting up such campaigns requires a lot of thinking, resources and of course, capital and this is something that Flyy understands.

That’s why we save you all that trouble by letting you create a lucky draw campaign right from our dashboard in just 5 simple steps!

Yes, only 5 steps. Don’t believe it? Here’s how you can create a lucky draw campaign and give your users a lucky draw ticket for doing particular events on your platform.

How to Create a Lucky Draw Campaign

Step 1: Select ‘Retention’ upon logging into your Flyy dashboard and go to ‘Create Raffle’.


Step 2: Set the frequency of your raffle campaign by selecting either daily or weekly under ‘Interval’.


Step 3: Select the event you’d like to offer raffle tickets for by clicking on ‘Add’. Your customers will have to complete this event in order to enter the lucky draw.

If you want to give a lucky draw or raffle ticket only if the transaction value is above 500, you can set this under the ‘Conditions’ section.


Step 4: Next, define the type of reward you’d like to offer upon winning a lucky draw. It can either be ‘Cash’ or ‘Virtual Currency’. After this, set which ‘Rank’ gets what Reward.


Step 5: Under ‘Design Theme’, you can select ‘Default’ or ‘Banner’ and add a title, description, rules, banned, etc according to your campaign.


To decide what appears on your ‘Offers’ page, you can either go for a text card or banner theme.


Next, you can select the ‘Daily limit’ based on no. of lucky draw tickets participants can earn in a day; set a start and end date under ‘Schedule’ and ‘Save’.

There you’ll have it! Your raffle campaign is all set and ready to roll within your platform. Here’s a sneak peek into how it’ll appear to your customers.


Quite convenient, right? Encouraging your customers to win a lucky draw ticket for taking a certain action within your platform?

Then what’re you waiting for? Create a lucky draw campaign today with Flyy. Book a demo to learn more.



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