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About Avail Finance

Avail Finance provides Indians with an instant online loan app built for them to have access to Personal loans anytime anywhere A person may, at any point, need a personal loan for a variety of situations: It could be a marriage loan for a loved one's wedding, a medical loan for an impending surgery or education loan to pay the fee. 


The Problem

Content not being Shared

Low Volume of Transaction

Low Leads Created


1.   A three-level game where partners had to collect 8   stickers (~ 8 IPL teams) at every level to earn a reward.


2.   The participants automatically got promoted to the next level once they collect all 8 stickers in that level.    

3   The participants could earn a sticker by doing the following activities:

      a. Create a Lead

      b. Share content from the verticals

      c. Complete MintAcademy course

      d. Sell a policy/MF

4.   The campaign was for Motor, Health, and Mutual Funds verticals only.


5.   The campaign was live from April 20th to May 30th, 2021.


Campaign 1: Turtlemint T20 Dhamaal 

1. #unique users participating in the event: 38,028

2. #unique users who completed the collection on

Level 1: 1784

Level 2: 158

Level 3: 19



Campaign 2: Mintacademy

Course Completed

a. 8X increase in

#courses completed/week

b. 4X increase in  #unique users completing a course/week


a. 2X increase in WAU

b. All time high in MAU (~50% increase since campaign start)

Campaign 3: Mutual fund

Content Shared

a. 12X increase in total content shared/week

b. 2X increase in unique users sharing content/week

Lead Created

a. 80% increase in total leads created/week

b. 50% increase in unique users creating lead/week


a. 20% increase in unique partners selling mutual fund per month

b. 15% increase in total transactions/month

What they say about us

anirudh agarwal.jpg

Anirudh Agrawal

We have been using Flyy to power our referral program. There are many aspects related to referral implementation and gamification - user attribution, variability of rewards, fraud management to name a few - that would have taken us a very long time to build in-house and Flyy excels on all these fronts.

I found the team at Flyy very supportive during the integration phase as well as for any day-to-day queries we may have around data and referral customization. 

Flyy’s capabilities have helped us turn referrals into a growth instrument that we can always rely on. Highly recommend their product and their team.

Head of Product, Momspresso

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