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Grow your e-commerce business with a one-click install referral program

Your customers spread love, and you make sales

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Sign up today and get an exclusive pre-launch offer of a 1-month free trial


Make Your Existing Customers the Voice of Your Brand

People are 4 times more likely to buy from a business when referred by a friend

Why start a referral program?
  • Builds brand trust and social proof

  • Boosts acquisition and retention

  • Improves ORM

  • Quality customers

Which gamification use cases work
  • Easy integration with Shopify

  • Custom theme and rewards

  • Push notifications

  • Performance insights

How other brands leverage gamification
  • Helped 30+ brands

  • Achieved more than 5K referrals 

  • Industry expertise

  • Use case insights

Save your 1-month subscription fee.

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