Flyy Retention Module is a gamified engagement, loyalty, and marketing automation tool that engages your users to increase any event in the App/website.

Turn any action taken by the user into a potential challenge and rewards the user for completing it. Add game mechanics to increase stickiness


Raffle Ticket

Daily Streak


Share & Earn

Grow social audiences by rewarding cash or points for social follows, likes and shares.

On time loan payment

Motivate users to repay loans on-time and reward the best in real-time

Daily Check In

Add a daily check-in or create a streak for any action in your product within minutes with no technical expertise.

Scratch Card on Every Transaction

Award loyalty points or reward cash for purchases, transactions, subscriptions, and more.

Watch Videos & Earn

Increase DAU and time spent by rewarding users for spending more quality time in your app or website.