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Rigi is an all-in-one platform for content creators and influencers. With Rigi, you can easily monetise, manage and grow your community.

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How Rigi Grew Users by 10x with Gamification 


“If you are good at something, never do it for free.” — If you think closely, this famous quote by Joker from The Dark Knight relates to every talent out there, doesn’t it?


Say someone makes amazing biryani, has a knack for story-telling, holds great knowledge about the stock market, and fitness does wonderfully at gaming and so on. 


Now wouldn’t it be nice if they could share their skills with those who’d like to learn and earn in return? Well, Rigi is one such platform that has made this possible.


How Rigi Empowers Creators


As a paid community-building platform, Rigi helps content creators and influencers manage, grow and monetize their community. 


The app is beautifully designed to help such creators make pay-to-view content by creating courses, hosting webinars etc on various platforms, such as WhatsApp, and Telegram.


Established in October 2021 by Swapnil Saurav and Ananya Singhal, the app has amassed great usage since its launch and guess who’s been a part of it?


Flyy! Yes, we have helped Rigi grow their users by 10x over the last 10 months and couldn’t be happier for their growth. Let’s trace back to how it all happened.


Enabling community building that too a paid one isn’t a cakewalk and Rigi knows it too well. In April 2022, they decided to scale their customer acquisition, retention and engagement.

Meaning, more community members should

  1. Join channel

  2. Come back to the Rigi app

  3. Engage with the Rigi app 

  4. Buy subscriptions


Additionally, Rigi also wanted to encourage creators to boost their community subscriptions.

Increase community members count 

Boost DAU and engagement

Increase number of subscriptions sold 


1. Referral Program Campaign

We helped Rigi make their existing community creators and members bring new members by using Flyy’s Acquisition Module.

As part of this, we ran a Referral Program campaign wherein users could refer a friend for joining a channel and earn 100 Rigi Coins per referee. 

Referral Program campaign


Rigi could launch Flyy’s refer and earn campaign within 7 days. Here’s a gist of their Rigi’s refer and earn results.

200% increase 

in referral link clicks

6x increase in 


4x increase in 

app install

Install to Sign Up Incraese

2. Daily Check-In 


To help Rigi boost customer retention, we launched a Daily Check-In campaign wherein users can check in daily and win Rigi Coin scratch cards.

Daily Check in

59% increase in daily check-in participants

Over 5 lac scratch cards won

3. Leaderboard Campaign

Creators can gain XP by completing challenges, ranking up on the leaderboard and winning exciting prizes such as a Singapore trip, mobile phone, speakers or gold coin.


200% increase 

in referral link clicks

What Rigi Says About Us

We have been using Flyy for almost a year for gamification and referral program features. Working with Venkatesh, Manjeet, and Naveen has been wonderful; they respond quickly to any issues or requests that are made. In general, the product is simple to use, and any modifications made to it are instantly reflected on our platform, saving us a lot of engineering effort.

Swapnil Sourav

Swapnil Saurav

Co-Founder & CEO, Rigi

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