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Acquire New Users

Boost customer acquisition, retention and engagement with Flyy's SaaS based gamified referral and loyalty rewards. Make customers come back for more via game mechanics like scratch cards. 


Gamified Referral & Loyalty Rewards Platform

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Why Flyy

> Easy Integration

With plug & play SDK for all major app platforms, integrate and go live with Flyy in a few days.

> Gamified Challenges

Challenge users by adding game mechanics like leader boards, stamp collection, streaks, raffle tickets and spin the wheel to any activity or event in your app.

> Rewards

Increase loyalty by giving points, cash, discounts, coupons, or custom rewards. All delivered seamlessly via scratch cards to keep the surprise element alive.

> Wallet

Send cash rewards to users' bank or UPI with a built-in Razorpay gateway. Points can be redeemed for Gift cards from the biggest brands or redeem for purchases.

Resource Corner

Knowledge Base

Learn about our product and gamification use cases from an expert

Product Masterclass

Learn how to build your own referral program with Flyy's co-founder



User Acquisition

Turn your existing customer data into a strong referral program with one line of code.

Use multiple events to create a journey during referrals and motivate users.

User Retention

Run Gamified Challenges for any event in your app to increase user stickiness. Add competition, goals, points and problem-solving activity to your event in order to apply the underlying principles of gaming. Send Variable Rewards seamlessly via Scratch Cards.


User Engagement

Plug & Play interactive quiz in your App to increase engagement.

Gamify it by creating contests, add leaderboards, Scratch cards rewards and more. 

Offer reward in your app using Flyy

Graphic with various offers and discounts


Rewards program screen with point details




Gamify Rewards

Add a personal touch and gamify your loyalty program with cash, loyalty points, or custom rewards through scratch cards. Use flyy rewards platform to allow users to redeem the points for gift cards from over 200 amazing brands.


Rewards Partners

Prior to Flyy, we had manual referral tracking & rewards system. It was a tech-intensive process to reward, let alone gamify. Flyy gave us the ability to configure campaigns on the “flyy”, test and iterate much faster. Flyy integration was fast and helped improve customer engagement, increase weekly app open by ~20% and session time by ~25%. Referrals jumped 8x due to better end-to-end tracking. The level of support along with quick turn-around times has been exceptional. The best part is the customisability and flexibility of the Flyy team to incorporate custom requests and handling of different use cases. Robust data sharing through APIs and webhooks, both to and from the platform are part of Flyy.


Sanjeet Kumar

Product and Customer Lifecycle Manager, Avail Finance

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Designed for developers

We are the brain’s response to boring gamification. Add Gamification to your app's user action or event with Flyy through an SDK Integration. Connect to your existing systems through robust APIs


Flyy’s mobile SDKs provide the capability to integrate Flyy into your mobile apps. Available for all major app platforms, it makes it easy to add a gamification strategy for every touchpoint in your product.


The Flyy APIs are a complete solution for automating and scaling your business. No heavy IT, just the good bits of games, boiled down to simple lightweight APIs.

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