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Give Wings to Your Shopify Sales with Flyy’s Gamified Referral Program App

Make your existing customers want to refer new ones with scratch-card referral rewards

Save big before we launch!

We are going live in 1 week. Sign up today and grab an exclusive discount of 50% off on your first 3 months subscription fee. Clock is ticking!


Make Your Existing Customers the Voice of Your Brand

Referral marketing generates 5 times the sales of paid advertising - Shopify

Why start a referral program?
  • Builds brand trust and social proof

  • Boosts acquisition and retention

  • Improves ORM

  • Quality customers

What do we have in store?
  • Two-way, variable and scratch cards rewards

  • Customisable referral program theme

  • Referral customer activity tracking

  • Post-purchase referral nudge

  • Referral reporting and analytics

Why choose us?
  • Helped 30+ brands grow with gamified referral program

  • Industry expertise

  • Use case insights

Getting upto 150 orders per month?

Referral App Features

Consider our referral program software similar to an automatic car. It lets you concentrate better on the road (your business) without having to worry about manual gear shifts. 


Park and Set Up

Configure Referrals 

Play around with a variety of reward types, and values for both referrer and referee. Customise referral links, social share, order requirements, expiration etc.


Customise Appearance

Give your referral program a look and feel that matches your branding. Cherish the creator inside you using a rich mix of colours, images, placement, text, icons and more.

Drive to Share

Spread the Word

Notify both your guest and existing customers of your referral program at the time of the purchase cycle. Pick your choice of text, image and icon.


Stay One Step Ahead 

Set default referral emails that friends will receive as soon as someone refers to them, by customising its text, banner, subject, button, link and more.

Reverse and Analyse

Know Your Customers 

Track all customers that are part of your referral program and keep a track of all their activities — referrals count, status, date, order value etc.


Check Referral Results

Scale your referral program by analysing its performance based on metrics such as referral traffic, revenue, purchases, and conversion rate.

Wall of Trust

We have been using Flyy for almost a year for gamification and referral program features. Working with Venkatesh, Manjeet, and Naveen has been wonderful; they respond quickly to any issues or requests that are made. In general, the product is simple to use, and any modifications made to it are instantly reflected on our platform, saving us a lot of engineering effort.

Swapnil Sourav.jpeg
Swapnil Saurav

Co-Founder & CEO, Rigi

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