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Flyy Gamified Referral & Loyalty Program

Build a no-code referral and loyalty rewards program that motivates your existing customers to refer new ones by offering scratch card rewards and paves the way to customer loyalty through in-store currency.


Flyy Gamified Referral & Loyalty App

Why choose us

Flyy Scratch Card

Scratch Card Rewards

Make existing customers want to refer new ones with fun rewards.

Points type

In-Store Currency

Get customers to keep coming back for more with the help of customizable in-store currency.

Shopify Customers

Industry Expertise

Helped 35+ brands launch their own gamified referral program.

Our App Features

Set Referral Scratch Card Rewards

Pick reward types & values for both referrer & referee.

Customise referral links, social share, expiration etc.

Types of rewards
Set loyalty

Set Loyalty Scratch Card Rewards

Allows your customers to earn virtual currency through orders, sign-ups, and occasions, then burn it for valuable coupons.

Choose a Theme

Customise your referral program launcher and panel a look and messaging that matches your brand.

Set the theme colors
Track Customer

Track Customer

Track referral program customers activities - contact details, referrals, orders etc.

Analyse Performance

Track key metrics such as referral traffic, revenue, purchases, referral conversion rate & more.

Analyse Performance

How Flyy looks in your store

Flyy Demo Home






Flyy Scratch Card Won


Wall of Trust

We have been using Flyy for almost a year for gamification and referral program features. Working with Venkatesh, Manjeet, and Naveen has been wonderful; they respond quickly to any issues or requests that are made. In general, the product is simple to use, and any modifications made to it are instantly reflected on our platform, saving us a lot of engineering effort.

Swapnil Sourav
Swapnil Saurav

Co-Founder & CEO, Rigi

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