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Avoid MyGlamm’s Mistake. Use These 5 Shopify Gamification Ideas Instead

Do you remember the good old times when we used to scratch mobile recharge cards using a coin, key, or hands? Man, the Google Pay generation will never understand that satisfying feeling!

And you know something? I happened to relive this nostalgic memory in March 2023 when I won a literal scratch card reward from MyGlamm.

While I no doubt enjoyed scratching a card all over again, I couldn’t redeem it. Let me tell you how and why.

Winning MyGlamm Voucher on CRED

Do you enjoy paying your credit card bills? Well, I do. Of course, nothing is fascinating about the bill amounts but the payment process, that’s fun.

I mean, what’s not to like? If you use a credit card bill payment app like CRED, you get these on-time reminders, go to the app, pay the bill, and get rewarded.

No, and that’s not it. You don’t just receive CRED Coins upon paying bills and simply claim them to win rewards.

You win rewards by participating in fun games like Jackpot, Spin the wheel, Quiz, Pop an object, etc and this is how I won something cool on 3rd March 2023.

Being the start of the month, I’d just cleared one of my credit card bills. Now I kid you not but when it comes to CRED Coins, I treat them as “My Precious” like the Gollum from The Hobbit.

So driven by his spirit, I decided to neither use them for CRED Escape stays nor in CRED Store but for playing the daily Jackpot for 10 spins and won a voucher from MyGlamm.


So far, I’d never really claimed a voucher code from CRED.

But this time, I wanted to buy a couple of beauty products and decided to head to MyGlamm, unaware that an odd gamification use case was waiting for me.

MyGlamm Scratch Card Gamification

When I visited the MyGlamm world, I was quite excited to see a varied range of products that I could buy for ₹1 using my CRED voucher code.

After endless scrolls across products and slides across their prices and types, I finally purchased a combo of 3 Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquers worth ₹575 for ₹199.

The ₹199 was the shipping charge I paid since I bought just 1 product (sales tactics I tell you) but was anyway happy with the overall offer.

On 5th March 2023, I received my order and was surprised to see a Scratch card delivered along with my product.

At first, I was taken back to the good old days when we used to scratch mobile recharge cards to reveal codes and in the case of the MyGlamm gift card, I had to do the same thing.

I scratched it immediately and saw that I’d won a discount code that I could redeem upon visiting their online store. Now guess what happened next?

The scratched gift card became a forgotten hero and I eventually lost it. This is one example of gamification in eCommerce that could have been better.

While it’s a sweet thing to send a discount scratch card to customers, there’s no guarantee that they will redeem it because

  1. Manual redemption: It takes manual effort to go back to the store, log in, enter the discount code, and redeem.

  2. Uncertain redemption: It’s not very likely that someone who just got their order delivered will use the code to place another order.

  3. Poor timing: The chances of the customer scratching the card amidst the excitement of trying their new purchase is low.

So what should MyGlamm have done?

  • Post-purchase scratch card: While there’s no harm in sending a scratch card, they must show the same to the customer at the right time in their purchase cycle such as immediately after the order is placed.

  • Scratch card communication: Mention the scratch card voucher in the order delivered email, SMS, and WhatsApp message. Something I couldn’t see below.


  • Reward visibility: Push a post-purchase scratch card and show the discount code under rewards won till expired post-scratch.

Do you see what happened there? As cool as it is to offer gamified rewards, it's equally important to make its redemption smooth.

This brings me to the fact that gamification in eCommerce or any industry for that matter has to be right.

For example, this top makeup brand uses Points gamification brilliantly in the MyGlamm loyalty program but the same didn’t work for me as part of offline scratch card rewards.

That’s why I want to share 5 gamification examples for eCommerce brands, especially Shopify ones so that you as a retailer can use them to boost your sales.

1. Put Those Discounts on a Wheel

If your discount pop-ups usually go unnoticed, it’s probably because you’re not offering something exciting for your visitors and users to engage with and that’s when Spin to Win comes.

Spin-the-Wheel is one of the most popular and simplest ways of gamifying user behavior.

As it has a surprise element to it, it grabs immediate attention and motivates visitors to spin and find which reward they get.

Industry standards say that you can use spin-the-wheel gamification to convert 11% of your website visitors into email subscribers and increase engagement and sales by 20%.

William Painter, an excellent sunglasses brand on Shopify, uses the same gamification strategy to enhance its email list count.

They show a wheel that has up to 15% off discounts. Visitors can enter their email IDs to spin and receive a discount code immediately which they can use at the checkout.


2. Play With Personalisation

Have you played games like FarmVille? Or My Café? If so, don’t you just love the way you build your things from scratch and see them grow into something rewarding?

Personalization is the key to gamification and the best way to make customers engage with your brand.

Personalized gamification is when you make a product human-focused by adding customization-like choices and avatars. This enables users to modify aspects of a product to fit their preferences or needs.

This in turn gives users greater control and ownership over their experience, enhancing your engagement and hence sales.

80% of shoppers prefer to purchase when offered personalized experiences and Shopify brands like Vedix use this.

This customizable hair and skin care regimen, use this strategy to sell products based on user surveys on hair and skin condition.

But if you ask me if there’s a Shopify brand that has aced the best application of personalized gamification, then it's The Man Company for me.


They let users customize a Personalised Gift Box in 3 steps:

Step 1: Add products worth ₹1200

Step 2: Choose a customized message and add their picture

Step 3: Place the order

Now if I’m given the option to send a gift with not only a message but also their picture, why wouldn’t I go for it?

There’s no doubt why The Man Company was the most popular gift choice during Flyy’s Secret Santa celebration and why the brand clocks $26.2M in annual revenue.

3. Get Inquisitive with Quiz

Who doesn’t like to be challenged with a quiz and test their knowledge? Get curious and increase your engagement by launching a quiz.

Super easy to implement, with a quiz you can increase your engagement massively.

For example, Innermost, a Shopify brand that sells wellness products like vegan proteins and capsules ​​saw 19k+ participation in their health quiz.

I’m equally impressed by Snitch, a Shopify clothing brand, that launched a quiz trivia on Father's day.

The quiz is an absolute piece of art wherein they ask 9 questions related to Bollywood movie dialogues by fathers, and famous personalities and offer a discount in the end based on how many questions you get correct.

If you answer all questions correctly like me, you will get a 20% off discount code.


4. Challenge That Inside Gamer

Everyone loves playing games, regardless of age, and imagine if a brand tells me to play a game and win big.

Of course, I’d go for it. This is what Noise, India’s leading watch brand did by launching a #StoopidCupid Valentine’s Day sale campaign in February 2023.

To increase leads and engagement, Noise asked users to collect hearts and dodge bombs as part of a V-Day-themed game and get up to 75% off on smartwatches and audio devices.


The game got such good engagement that it was played by 24k+ users.


5. Gamify Your Referrals

The basic refer and earn program is something you must have heard of. Invite a friend, give them let’s say 10% off, and get 20% off.

Now, what if I told you that you can offer variable rewards — Give UP TO a 10% discount and get UP TO 20% discount using surprise scratch card rewards?

Yes, you can build a gamified referral program in your Shopify store in such a way that both advocate and referred friend scratch a card to reveal a surprise reward.


How cool is that, right?

What I’m going to say next will sound even better - you can launch a Shopify referral program without writing any code, within minutes using Flyy’s gamified rewards app.

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