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From Economics to Fashion, This is How Aditi Launched ADISEE

Updated: May 9

“Chase excellence and success will follow.”

Have you watched the classic Bollywood movie 3 Idiots? If so, then this popular dialogue by Rancho (Aamir Khan) would ring a bell in your head and guess what?

Aditi Khorana, who grew up chasing nothing but creativity has not only experienced every ounce of this dialogue but also proved it true.


The Seeding of Creativity

Thanks to her mother, Aditi’s relationship with creativity began in her art classes and from then, it only grew like a fine wine.

After the first planting and nurturing of her creative vines, its bud broke when Aditi joined Performance Arts Academy, The Danceworx as a member at the age of 17.

The creative butterfly within Aditi only flew higher from here, spreading its wings and flying through teaching and learning dance forms like jazz, ballet and contemporary.


But due to an unfortunate injury, Aditi couldn't pursue dancing. However, strong willed Aditi didn’t give up. Her artistic side still burned bright.