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Juicy Chemistry: A Symbol of Love, Efficacy, and Organicity

What’s true love? For some, it’s a depiction of extraordinary gestures like when Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, an epitome of love, in memory of his wife.

For others, it’s going out of the way to do things that make their partner’s life easier and happier like Arunachalam Muruganantham (Padman).

He made a low-cost sanitary-pad for his wife and thus changed the lives of many women across India, with his sanitary-pad-making machine.

Now what if I told you that I recently came across a similar story where a wife’s issues inspired a husband to solve a problem and build India’s first organic beauty brand out of it?


Failure - A Blessing in Disguise

Life surprises us in the most unexpected ways and Pritesh Asher faced this too when his family’s petrochemicals business went under due to bad management decisions.

His father’s deteriorating health and loss put Pritesh through unimaginable tough times across both his personal and professional life.

But Pritesh wasn’t going to give us easily and saw his failure as a learning opportunity to become a wiser and better entrepreneur.

“Failure is inevitable, what matters most is how you rise from it.”

With his better half, Megha Asher helping him through her boutique business and Pritesh himself selling off properties, both could finally see the sun of good days shine upon them.