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Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Shopify Sales Growth Hacks

Updated: Apr 25

“I’d need to understand the USP of your products on a ground level as well as the founder journey before you start selling your products.”

The other day, one of my friends approached me to help him with some marketing suggestions for his online business.

As someone who’d been into corporate sales for almost 6 years and fitness, he wanted to use a blend of this experience to sell organic, healthy products like honey, lotus seeds etc.

“How much budget should I put for ads?” was the first question he asked when we began to discuss all the ways he could market his products to which I replied the first line you read.

Because while he was letting his excitement and online selling norms speak for him, I was thinking of how I could break the herd mentality.


It wasn’t his fault after all because we humans tend to have a herd mentality. I myself for example studied engineering because that was trending back then.

The first thing I thought of after launching my dropshipping store on Shopify in 2018 was running ads and this is a mistake many Shopify store owners often make.

But guess what? Running ads to sell products isn’t the only way to grow your Shopify business traffic, customers and sales.

For instance, when I asked my friend why I’d want to understand his products’ USP and his journey as a founder, that’s because the first thing I wanted him to strengthen was content.

I wanted him to sell an experience, a story that will make him stand out from the other healthy product players in the market.