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Brace for Recession with Referral Programs. Here's How.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

It was a lovely morning of 20th July 2022. I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a marketing meme that one of my friends had put up as her story.

It said, “I don’t know about you guys but my favourite briefs are the ones that ask for fame generation, PR-able, buzz-worthy ideas with a $0 budget.”

Honestly, my reaction to this meme was mixed. First, I smiled because as a marketer, I could relate to it. But this was soon followed by a slight sigh.

The $0 budget part of the meme straightway reminded me of something that almost everyone has been talking about - the anticipated recession.

The ‘big R’, the economic turmoil, slowdown, downturn - I’d heard it all and even seen my LinkedIn feed get swamped by recession posts.

But you know what? I didn’t really have much thoughts around ‘recession’.

All this while, it had just been a buzzword for me until recently when it started to creep into my life and trust me, for good.

Let me share the series of episodes which made me make some crucial decisions around recession.

Episode 1: Recession and the ‘Investor Me’

I checked my Upstox trading account one fine afternoon and I didn’t like what I saw. I was at a loss, even my safest stocks seemed hopeless and so did I.

Seeing this, I opened WhatsApp and texted one of my trading buddies.

“Hey! My stocks value has severely dipped. Should I sell at a loss? What if recession hits?”

He replied, “What do I know? I’m facing a loss myself”.

Episode 2: Recession and th