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How I Got Addicted to CRED Loyalty Program

I got my first credit card in 2017 when I bagged a full-time role from that of an intern at my first startup.

It was a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card and honestly, as soon as it entered my wallet, it joined my fancy cards club.

Meaning, I used it as much as I used my salon and other discount cards until one day when I simply decided to check my credit score.

The credit score that I saw on Policybazaar wasn’t very pleasing. So I decided to start using my credit card for two reasons:

  1. Don’t you love to see your bank account balance when your salary is credited but not so much after you’ve paid your bills? For similar reasons, I wanted to see a higher and better credit score

  2. For future loan eligibility purposes

Determined to improve my credit score, I started using my Kotak credit card till it finally reflected a good score in June 2019.


After this, I started working on two most important parameters that affect credit score -

  1. On-time payments

  2. Credit utilisation

Now back then, utilising credit was not really an issue for me as my credit card limit was low. It was the on-time payments that I struggled with since I tend to ignore emails and SMS.

I mean, obviously, I’d pay them eventually by going to my Kotak Bank app but it wasn’t that convenient.

2 years later, I was introduced not just to a convenient but also reward-based credit card payment app - CRED.

How I met CRED?

I installed CRED in November 2020 after one of my friends almost forced me to get the app. CRED benefits were clear to us but more than that, he was excited to use CRED referral program and receive a referral reward of up to ₹1000.

So I ended up installing the app but little did I know I was going to get addicted to it.