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How Wamika, A True Animal Lover Built A Vegan Leather Brand - Aulive

Updated: 6 days ago

“Oh I’m an animal lover! I simply adore animals, you know” — Very often, you’d have heard people say this or go all awww at the sight of cute animals.

But is being an animal lover just about adoring and sharing cute animal reels on Instagram or petting them?

Well, it takes more than that and Wamika Shekhawat, a 32 old entrepreneur proved this by building Aulive, an animal cruelty-free and ethical alternative to traditional leather.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Bond

Wamika’s love towards nature bloomed right from her childhood days as she grew up in the very lap of mother nature, away from the urban lifestyle.

Surrounded by the beauty of forests, Wamika’s soul always embraced with an appreciation for environmental sustainability and wildlife.

“Growing up as a military kid, I had the opportunity to live in different parts of India and experience diverse cultures and ecosystems.”


As the nature of life continued to swirl its wand, Wamika went ahead to pursue her Master's degree in Business.