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Fello's Innovative Approach to Gamified Investing

Updated: 2 days ago

As a content writer, there comes a time when you inevitably fall into the “what-do-I-even-write-about?” slump. That tiresome, gloomy phase that feels like it would last for an eternity. That was me, just the day before yesterday. That is until I came across an article on Google News titled “Gamified FinTech Startup Secures Funding To Help Youth Learn Saving”. After reading through the article, I was pretty interested in the concept. Investing in digital gold? Sure, count me in. I proceeded to quickly download the application and started exploring their interface along with my colleague Pallvi. Like two kids looking at an ice cream truck in the summer, we eagerly explored every nook and cranny of the app. The best part was Pallvi giving me a lesson on investing in SIP’s.

I must admit, while I was expecting the app to have the standard old referral and loyalty strategies, they really surprised me with some out of the box features that we’ll be discussing later down the road.

In this comprehensive exploration, we jump into Fello's journey and dissect the various gamification elements that define its cutting-edge app.

Gamification in FinTech

Gamification, the infusion of game-like elements into non-game contexts, has found fertile ground in the realm of finance. Its core principles, including rewards, competition, and achievement, resonate with the innate human desire for engagement and accomplishment. When applied judiciously, gamification transforms what could be a mundane financial task into an exciting and interactive experience.

Fello: The Indian Start-Up

Fello, a promising startup based in India, has set out to disrupt the conventional investment landscape. It recognizes that investing, especially for novices, can be daunting and often perceived as complex. Fello's innovative vision revolves around simplifying this process and making it accessible to all. Central to this vision is the integration of gamification into their investment platform.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking venture, Fello has positioned itself as a pioneer in the intersection of finance and gamification. The story of Fello is not just about technology; it's about transforming how individuals, particularly the youth, perceive and engage with savings.

Fello's journey is characterized by a commitment to addressing a crucial gap in the financial ecosystem—making savings not only accessible but also enjoyable. The company's philosophy is firmly based on the conviction that conventional methods of saving money are frequently viewed as tedious and uninspiring, particularly by younger generations.

To bridge this gap, Fello has embarked on a mission to redefine the way people think about and approach savings, using the power of gamification as its driving force.

The company's rise to prominence gained significant traction with its recent funding success, as reported by Inc42. This infusion of capital has not only propelled Fello into the limelight but also underscores the increasing recognition of the potential impact of gamified finance solutions in India and beyond.

Fello's founders, armed with a deep understanding of the financial challenges faced by young Indians, envisioned a platform that marries financial responsibility with elements of playfulness and reward.

They recognized that traditional savings methods often fail to resonate with today's digitally native generation, leading to a concerning lack of financial preparedness among the youth. With this in mind, Fello set out to craft an experience that would empower individuals to embrace the habit of saving, even in the face of financial constraints.

What sets Fello apart is its ingenious use of gamification, a concept that has already proven its effectiveness in diverse fields, from education to marketing. By infusing gamification elements into its platform, Fello has succeeded in making the act of saving an engaging and gratifying endeavor. Users are not merely stashing away funds; they are embarking on a rewarding journey filled with surprises, challenges, and achievements.

Gamification Elements in the Fello App

Fello's commitment to gamified investing is evident through its multifaceted approach to engagement. Here, we explore the various gamification elements embedded within the Fello app:

1. Fello's Daily Bonus

The Fello Daily Bonus is a clever incentive designed to keep users engaged. It taps into the power of routine by rewarding users for their daily commitment.

Daily bonus

For every consecutive day that a user logs in, they unlock daily rewards, often in the form of scratch cards. This consistent positive reinforcement encourages users to maintain an active presence within the app, reinforcing beneficial investing habits.

2. Tambola Tickets: A Unique Twist

Fello introduces a truly unique gamification element with Tambola Tickets. For every 500 rupees saved on the platform, users receive a ticket. Here's where the fun begins.


The app daily reveals three Tambola numbers, and users can scratch these numbers to uncover potential rewards. The prizes vary from 100 rupees to the grandeur of a Mahindra Thar Jeep. This element not only adds an exciting dimension to investing but also fosters savings behavior, as users strive to accumulate tickets for their shot at incredible rewards.

3. Referral Rewards

Fello recognizes the power of word-of-mouth and incentivizes users to spread the word. Through their referral program, users can earn up to 500 rupees for every successful referral who begins their savings journey on Fello.

Referral rewards

This creates a viral loop of engagement, as satisfied users become brand advocates, driving the platform's growth.

4. Scratch Cards: Unveiling Surprises

The integration of scratch cards is a classic gamification strategy that never fails to engage.

Scratch cards

Fello users can scratch away at virtual cards to reveal exciting surprises, which can range from instant cash rewards to unique investment opportunities. The unpredictability and element of surprise associated with scratch card rewards keeps users coming back for more.

5. Badges: Showcasing Achievements

Fello's badge system is a testament to the platform's commitment to recognizing and celebrating user achievements.


Users earn badges for various milestones and accomplishments, creating a sense of accomplishment and belonging within the Fello community. These badges not only serve as symbols of progress but also inspire healthy competition among users.

6. Journey: Charting Progress

The concept of a user journey is masterfully integrated into the Fello app. Users embark on a digital adventure, traversing a virtual map as they complete tasks and unlock new levels.


This journey adds a narrative layer to the investment experience, making it more engaging and goal-oriented. Users can visually track their progress, transforming investing into a captivating expedition.


Fello's innovative approach to gamified investing represents a significant stride in the evolution of FinTech. By seamlessly integrating gamification elements, Fello has not only made investing more accessible but also more enjoyable. This unique blend of gamification elements has the potential to revolutionize consumer interactions, and Flyy helps you do just that, by empowering individuals to take control of their transactional futures while having fun along the way.

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