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How Gamification Is Changing The Fintech Game

“Dude, you won’t believe what happened today”, said a colleague of mine as we sipped our morning coffee in our office cafeteria.

“What?”, I asked, assuming that it’d be one of his usual “I met someone” or “I found this amazing show on Netflix” kind of a conversation.

But I was wrong.

Because it was none of the aforementioned thoughts that I had. He was excited because that very morning, he’d found a 50 rupees note in his jeans pocket.

He felt as if he’d travelled back to childhood. I smiled as I was happy to see how pleased he was, calling it a reward-to-self kind of a situation.

Now we know that such good things happen once in a blue moon but guess what? This wasn’t going to be the case with my colleague.

Yes, he came to me the next day and said, “Here’s a thought! Wouldn’t it be nice if I start keeping money in random places at my home? This way, money would surprise me out of nowhere and I’d even end up saving some!”

This time, I could see he wasn’t kidding. He literally wanted to go for this idea of his because honestly, he’d been miserably failing at saving for the past few months.

And oh, it wasn’t like he’d not tried to save. From new year resolutions to savings accounts, he’d tried it all but could never be consistent in saving. Do you know why?

Because he didn’t find any motivation or fun in doing so.

So I sat there, let him finish his apparently great idea to save money, and when he was done, I said, “You like games, right?”.

“Of course, I do!”, he replied. “But what’s this got anything to do with saving, man?”, he asked.

I didn’t answer his question. In fact, I threw another one. “Would you like it if you could track your expenses, build a building out of every penny you spend and eventually build a town?”

“Are you serious?” and that’s when I told him about Fortune City.

One of the best examples of how fintech companies are leveraging gamification to improve