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How Insurtech startup TurtlemintPro uses Quiz to boost user engagement

Year 2007.

A computer programmer named John Breen was sitting in his kitchen with his two teenage sons.

He was trying to help his older son learn new words to prepare for the SAT.

The son was struggling. His younger brother couldn’t stop teasing him. He kept saying, 'he doesn't know this word, he doesn't know that word,'.

John was trying to think of a fun way to help both his children build their vocabulary.

He was a programmer for 30 years and had built and managed many websites. One of these websites was, where he shared valuable information about world hunger.

With the idea of in mind, John created a game that could help people learn something new and donate to a charity at the same time.

On 7th October 2007, - a philanthropy Quiz platform was born.

Here’s how it works - Users are offered four definitions of a word. When they click on the right definition, 10 grains of rice is donated to the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP). The WFP then distributes the rice to the needy and poor around the world.

As players level up on FreeRice, the words get harder and harder.

So far, FreeRice has donated 214 billion grains of rice. It takes 400 grains to feed one person. With this calculation, the website has fed over 535 million people.

That's a one time meal for the entire population of South America.

John Breen started FreeRice to make vocabulary fun for his sons. Today, people from all over the world participate in the Quiz.

In fact, John got an email from a teacher in India. In it, she wrote about the joy it brought her to see 25 students from her class actually enjoy learning vocabulary on FreeRice.

That’s how engaging Quizzes are.

From 40 million viewers tuning in every night to watch KBC to pubs and breweries hosting Trivia nights to entertain the crowd.

People love Quizzes and that’s why we built the Quiz module in Flyy to help companies bring the fun of Quizzes into their Apps with a plug-and-play SDK.

Dissecting TurtlemintPro’s Quiz campaign

TurtlemintPro is India’s leading Insurtech startup and one of our early customers.

They asked us if we could make a plug-and-play solution for Quiz as a part of Flyy. We agreed as it was already on our Product Roadmap.

Today, TurtlemintPro is actively running 3 Quiz campaigns on its App -

  • Malamaal Mondays

  • Wise Wednesdays

  • Smart Saturdays

All 3 Quizzes are live every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for 24 hours.

They have seen great results in the last one year because of 4 key aspects. Here’s a breakdown of each.

1) Consistency = Higher Participation = Higher Engagement

One of the best aspects of TurtlemintPro’s Quiz campaign is Consistency. They run a Quiz every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and regularly promote it on the App.

Users are fully aware of when the quiz will go live and they return to the app on those specific days.

The ‘Notify Me’ and social sharing option makes it really easy for users to hop onto the App on quiz days. Also, when a user enters the App, an in-app push notification is triggered to nudge them to participate.

2) Asking the right questions

As students, we hated tests. But, we love spending hours on Buzzfeed quizzes.

Reason is simple - Buzzfeed quizzes are fun.

TurtlemintPro makes sure their Quizzes are entertaining and light-hearted. They have stylish names like Malamaal Mondays, Wise Wednesdays and Smart Saturdays. Users don’t have to make significant commitments to play the Quiz either. They are six questions long with a defined time limit.

Short. Fun. Simple.

Another important aspect is the difficulty level. The entire purpose of Quizzes is to engage the user. Yes, you can educate them about your products but make sure the questions don’t feel like an exam.

3) Spice It Up With Rewards

Being consistent and fun are great strategies to engage users. But how do you make them keep coming back?

  1. Variable Rewards

  2. Leaderboard

Take a look at how TurtlemintPro uses both.

Top 20 ranked participants win a scratch card worth 101 to 250 Activity points. Also, users who answer all 6 questions correctly win an additional 200 points.

Are you thinking why 101 to 250 points? Why not just give them fixed rewards?

Variable rewards like scratch cards, spin the wheel, are gaining popularity When rewards are variable, it releases dopamine in our brain that further motivates us to seek these rewards. Paytm, Swiggy, PhonePe, Google Pay all use variable rewards to bring users back to the App.

After users complete the quiz, they are ranked on a Leaderboard.

Leaderboards fuels competition. And this competition sparks users' desire to win because it provides them with a sense of achievement.

4) Experiment and learn

TurtlemintPro started experimenting with quiz timing in November 2020.

They started with -

  • Daily Quiz for 5 days from 8-8:15 pm every month

  • Daily Quiz for 5 days from 7-9 pm every month

  • Daily Quiz for 5 days from 8-8:30 pm twice a month

Then they transitioned to -

  • Weekly quiz every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 9 PM.

And now they run weekly quizzes for 24 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In December, they included a Christmas themed Quiz. This added relevancy to their campaigns making it more enjoyable.

There are no proven frameworks that guarantee a successful quiz campaign. You need to let the data speak for itself.

Turtlemint achieved -

  1. 2X increase in WAU

  2. All time high in MAU (~50% increase since campaign start)

PS - The above data is from their marketing team.

How to get Gamified Quizzes in your App

Flyy’s Quiz section is part of its Engagement module.

1. Integrate Flyy in 2-3 weeks

Flyy plug-and-play SDK comes with pre-built screens for various Gamified campaigns that you can use once it is integrated inside your App. Quiz Campaign is one of the many screens available in the SDK.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to integrate the SDK into your App and go-live.

2. Creating Quiz in 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Quiz Zone

Quiz Zone activates the quiz section on your App.

Navigate to the Quiz dropdown on the left and select Quiz Zone.

Add the title and description of your Quiz. The best performing Quizzes have titles that are crisp, concise and creative.

Step 2 - Q&A List

Q&A List allows you to add questions to your Quiz.

Under the Quiz dropdown, select Q&A List. Click on ‘Create Q&A’ on the top right.

Tip: If the questions are too difficult, users will lose motivation to participate again. If they are too easy, they will find it boring.

Make sure there is a perfect blend.

Step 3 - Quiz List

After adding all the questions, it’s time to create the Quiz.

Quiz List is the third dropdown under the Quiz section.

Click on Create Quiz on the top right.

It takes less than a minute to create the Quiz.

- Add Quiz name

- Assign a time limit

- Add questions from Q&A List

- Hit Save

Your Quiz is ready.

Also, this section lets you view, edit or delete previous quizzes.

Step 4 - Tournament List

Tournament List section helps you set the parameters for the Quiz.

Click on Create Tournament on the top right.

It takes 7 simple steps to create a tournament -

  1. Choose Frequency of the quiz (daily or weekly).

  2. Add an attractive banner.

  3. Mention start date and time.

  4. Define Ranking and Rewards.

  5. Select quizzes you want to run.

  6. Choose a design theme: Default or Banner (recommended).

  7. Click Save.

The Quiz is now live on your App. You can check its status, edit or delete the Quiz from the Tournament List section.

3) Analyze Quiz performance

There are no defined frameworks that can assure you a successful Quiz campaign. The only way is to optimise based on data.

TurtlemintPro succeeded by analyzing the data and making adjustments to the Quiz.

The Reports and Analytics section of the dashboard helps Flyy customers study every detail about ongoing campaigns.

To Sum Up

I will reiterate - People love quizzes

  • Out of the top one million posts shared on Facebook, quizzes ranked number 1.

  • Most read story on New York Times website was a quiz.

  • Best BuzzFeed quiz has been played more than 22 million times.

Today, a lot of businesses believe Quizzes are an effective strategy to improve their App engagement rate. But it’s important to understand its DOs and DON’Ts.

What not to do -

  • Plan the quizzes on an impromptu basis

  • Ask too many questions that feel like an exam

  • Offer rewards that isn’t attractive

  • Make the quiz boring

What to do

  • Be consistent - Let users know when the Quiz is live.

  • Keep quizzes light and fun

  • Incorporate current themes

  • Experiment aggressively

  • Encourage sharing on social media

In 2020, we added a no-code Quiz solution in Flyy for Apps to engage users. Customers like TurtlemintPro, Avail Finance, FlipItMoney have witnessed a 40-50% increase in daily active users.

You too can get similar results if you follow the fundamentals of a successful Quiz campaign.




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