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How Gamification Could Improve My Smallcase Investing Experience?

Updated: Apr 17

If I were to suffice modern-day investing in two words, I’d say — too much. Too much information, too many investing choices, too many experts and the list goes on.

It was exactly due to factors like these that I always found the investment industry as a deep sea, surrounding an island of profits.

Since I’m adventurous (ready to risk investing) but hydrophobic (scared of drowning in loss) I’d always wait.

Wait for someone to be my boat and help me reach the island, sailing through waves of right investing knowledge and in 2021, one my friends did arrive in a boat called, Smallcase.

“Dude, just start using smallcase if spending time on choosing the right stocks to invest in, is too much for you,” he said.

And it was too much! Finding the best stocks to trade and then investing via Upstox required effort. I was looking for something simpler and that’s was I found smallcase appealing.

Why Could Smallcase Acquire Me as a Customer?

I’d heard of Mutual Funds, of course but unlike the lack of portfolio control, I could enjoy greater control in case of smallcase.

Based on the idea of investing in diversified, themed portfolios, a smallcase is a basket of stocks and ETFs that are created and managed by top Indian investment experts.

These portfolios are based on themes and strategies like EV sector, IT sector, Pharma sector etc and are best to help you get started with investing in Indian stock markets.


So like most beginners, I watched a video by Ankur Warikoo, an internet entrepreneur on how to invest in smallcase and invested in 2 smallcases in October 2021 to get started.

Fast forward to April 2023, the number of smallcases I’ve invested in remains the same with one SIP always due.