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Why Have I Not Used Rapido Referral Program Yet?

Before I start, I want to say something. It’s been two months since I joined Flyy and I don’t know if you, as a reader, have noticed but I’ve been maintaining a work diary.

I write about anything and everything that I experience at work, especially about our product and share a raw form of my learnings here.

Now, I’m turning to a new page wherein I’ll be penning down referral program case studies, starting with Rapido.

Why Rapido Referral Program?

Because I’m simply in love with Rapido. To me, Rapido has been a saviour, a friend in need and I’ll tell you all about it.

But first, let me share a delightful experience with Rapido auto which was so heartwarming that I ended up writing about it on LinkedIn the same day.


Rapido didn’t stop winning my heart just there. It was the second time that made Rapido my ultimate choice for auto booking.

Rapido - A Saviour in Disguise

It was mid of August 2022 when Bangalore weather was taking a toll on almost everyone’s health. My flatmate and I were also among its victims - we fell sick.

On 18th August 2022, I was working from home, sitting in my room when I heard my flatmate call out to me.

She didn’t feel well and we decided to rush to a nearby hospital. I started looking for an auto on Rapido, Uber and Ola. However, the situation made me feel so on edge that at the back of my mind, I wished we had our own vehicle.

But then I got a notification from Rapido that we got an auto and we immediately rushed to the hospital. Since the emergency ward was busy, we had to rush to another hospital. </