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How to Launch a Referral Program Like Facebook Ads

Updated: Jan 30

“So you’re saying I can run a referral program within my product using Flyy’s dashboard?”

I’d met an old friend after months and we were catching up on all the things we’d missed. One of them was talking about our work life.

As we sat at the dining table, drinking our evening tea, I began to explain how Flyy works but before I could go any further, he said something that I’d heard before.

“But I feel most companies would have a team to build something like this”, he said.

Honestly, I built many roads in my mind that I could take in response but instead, I said something that’d dawned upon me after I’d run my own referral program.

“Yes but if creating a referral program was simple as running a Facebook ad, which company wouldn’t want to avoid the waiting, training, and maintenance cost along with code debt?”

Since he’d himself worked as a Performance Marketer, he knew I was getting to something and decided to hear me out.

In the next few minutes, he heard me use words like banner, text, target audience, and reporting and could get where I was coming from.

Are you curious to learn why I compared a referral program set up similar to setting up a Facebook campaign?

Then read the below step-by-step guide on how to create a referral program using our gamified referral reward solution, Flyy.

How to Setup a Referral Program

I’m going to keep creating a referral program within Flyy, simple. All you have to do is follow the 3Ps - Pick, Prompt and Publish.

Let’s go further.

1. Pick What to Reward

What makes users refer in the first place? Rewards! So let’s first understand how you can set up rewards under the Flyy dashboard.

Step 1: Log in to your Flyy account and select the ‘Acquisition’ module on top. After this, go to the ‘Currency’ option under ‘Settings’.

There are two ways you can set up rewards.

  1. Cash rewards: In this case, you can select the minimum amount you’d want a user to redeem.

  2. Virtual currency: