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How The Hustle Milestone Referral Program Got 300K Subscribers

I was driving down the East Park circuit, trying to chase the police away when I saw a roadblock in front of me.

As I continued to drive, suddenly my car slowed down and my screen froze.

I can’t explain the thrill that followed the moment I saw those amazing words — Milestone complete! Roadblock challenge.

I successfully completed my Need for Speed™ Most Wanted milestone that I’d been after, for a long time.

This meant I could challenge a Blacklist racer which was the whole point of the NFS game — beating and becoming Blacklist #1.


In 2012, such was my NFS craze which not to brag, made me beat Blacklist #2 and if you ask me why it was clearly the motivation to achieve the milestone goals.

You see, achieving something positive after completing a milestone, be it a feeling or a reward, motivates us to keep working towards it, as per Psychology.

The same psychological principle governs many of our personal life aspects.

One that I can again think of is increasing my TV watch time based on the chapters I completed for my test.

Oh, and not just in personal life but even businesses have seen the benefit of milestone-based campaigns and The Hustle’s referral program is a classic example.

The Hustle Milestone Referral Program