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Is The Whole Truth Referral Program Wholesome?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

“What I shall state shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Guess which brand took this oath literally? The Whole Truth!


The Whole Truth is a health and wellness brand that’s e-building the world’s trust in its food

by selling 100% clean snacks and today, I will be reviewing their referral program!

Yes, this is the first episode of Flyy’s #ReferralProgramReviews series wherein I will be quickly discussing, breaking and reinventing, referral programs.

So let’s see if The Whole Truth referral program is actually wholesome by checking whether it’s

  1. Motivating enough

  2. Visible

  3. Easy to refer and claim

  4. Rewarding both the referrer and referee

  5. Communicated well

1. Am I Motivated Enough to Refer Someone?

Absolutely! As a health freak myself, I’d totally want to refer someone to a snack that declares all the ingredients upfront and has natural ingredients like sugar from dates, fats from nuts and so on.


2. Is their Referral Program Visible and Informative?

Yes. Finding The Whole Truth’s refer and earn section isn’t as difficult as finding work motivation on Monday. It is added at the left bottom and the icon smartly says ‘Refer and get 30%’ off.


However, I also think that there could be a pop-up message on their referral program and the same could be mentioned on the sticky bar on top. Because the more a referral program is visible, the better traction it gets.

Referral page

Speaking of their referral page, it isn’t very informative. While the content is nice, it doesn’t say anything about the order value on which I could get a referral discount. Is the offer available for all products? When does it expire?

Mentioning such terms and conditions on the same referral page would create a sense of urgency among customers.

3. Is it Easy to Refer Someone and Claim Rewards?

Let’s talk about referring someone first. When I click on the refer and earn icon, it asks me to enter my name and email ID which is simple as it didn’t ask for much information.


When I click on Refer Now, it shows me a referral link which I could either share via WhatsApp or copy-paste directly.


Upon sharing my referral link, this is the message I see and I found it quite generic because I hadn’t even placed an order.


All I wanted was to avail a 30% discount code. I think they could rather create two user segments - new and existing and have referral messages customized, which can be easily done using referral program software.

Claiming Rewards

Here, things get a little tricky. First, the coupon has to be manually copied from the Coupon section instead of being shown in the cart section itself.


Second, while my referred friend can easily see the 25% coupon code under their Coupons section and apply it at the checkout, I as a referrer or advocate don’t have clarity on whether they claimed it or not.


So Referral tracking is something that’s missing. So it’s like me waiting for my friend to make a purchase someday.


To give clarity to the referrer and encourage more referrals, The Whole Truth could add a referral dashboard that shows

  1. Referee stage

  2. Number of referrals

  3. Total reward value

  4. Button to remind/nudge a friend of their referral

4. Does it Rewards both the Referrer and Referee?

It’s good that TWT rewards both the referrer and the referee which cancels out the fact that the referrer could appear as a selfish person for referring and earning rewards. Referrer reward: 30% off discount code when a referred friend makes a successful purchase

Referee reward: 25% off on the first order Given that their products range approximately from ₹600 to ₹1000, giving a discount price of up to ₹300 makes sense.


But to make this interesting, TWT could also offer virtual rewards like CoinsofTruth which customers could hoard and redeem at purchase or avail brand gift cards. This would also boost retention.

5. Is their Referral Program Communicated Well?

I have a mixed response to how well they communicate their referral program. Order confirmation email: When I placed my first dark chocolate order, the order confirmation email had a refer and earn section with a WhatsApp link to share which is great.


Welcome email: But, I expected the same on the welcome email as well. Now I understand why would someone refer to something without even trying a product but a 30% discount code is a good one and one would want to claim it. So showing a refer and earn message in the welcome email is also a nice way of enhancing its visibility.


Social media: Their Instagram bio link has links to blog articles and content subscriptions. It could also have a refer and earn page link.


Reviewing The Whole Truth Referral Program

TWT’s referral program all in all is a well-thought one. Except for the fact that it could have better referral tracking, rewards and communication. I’ll give the TWT referral program a 7 out of 10. But their snacks however are a 10 on 10!

If you'd like to build a referral program for your e-commerce store and ensure that it's wholesome, Flyy has something for you. Learn more here.



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