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Is The Whole Truth Referral Program Wholesome?

Updated: Jan 3

“What I shall state shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Guess which brand took this oath literally? The Whole Truth!


The Whole Truth is a health and wellness brand that’s e-building the world’s trust in its food

by selling 100% clean snacks and today, I will be reviewing their referral program!

Yes, this is the first episode of Flyy’s #ReferralProgramReviews series wherein I will be quickly discussing, breaking and reinventing, referral programs.

So let’s see if The Whole Truth referral program is actually wholesome by checking whether it’s

  1. Motivating enough

  2. Visible

  3. Easy to refer and claim

  4. Rewarding both the referrer and referee

  5. Communicated well

1. Am I Motivated Enough to Refer Someone?

Absolutely! As a health freak myself, I’d totally want to refer someone to a snack that declares all the ingredients upfront and has natural ingredients like sugar from dates, fats from nuts and so on.


2. Is their Referral Program Visible and Informative?

Yes. Finding The Whole Truth’s refer and earn section isn’t as difficult as finding work motivation on Monday. It is added at the left bottom and the icon smartly says ‘Refer and get 30%