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Zivame Loyalty Program Got My Attention After 3 Years

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Recently, my friend Pavithra told me about the ongoing sale on Zivame. As the word ‘sale’ triggers something within us, I was tempted too.

So I asked her to remind me again and then I forgot about it. Because honestly, I didn’t really need to buy stuff from Zivame but still, I could take a look.

Next day, Pavithra’s sale reminder notification popped up in my WhatsApp and I went straight to the Zivame app.

As I started scrolling through the app, I came across my last purchase from November 2018.

Quite long, right? Well, that’s because

  1. I’d switched to apps like Clovia, Myntra or Amazon

  2. Back then, I rarely cared about reward benefits so didn’t see a point in sticking with Zivame.

But not anymore!

As someone who now understood the importance of customer loyalty and rewards, I was intrigued to check if I’ve earned any points.

However, I was quite disappointed to see that I was in a Bronze Circle of Radiance.


But then my disappointment turned into surprise when I paid attention to the Zivame Circle of Radiance.

I said, “Wait, when did this happen?”

Zivame Loyalty Program