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5 Things You Should Know While Building A Shopify Referral Program

Updated: Jan 2

Hey Champion! Yes, I’m talking to you and you should know that you’re indeed a champion. Wondering why? I’d rather say, why not?

From dreaming of having your business to taking it online — you’ve done it all. Was it easy? Of course not and no one knows this better than you.

But you still made it and kudos to you for that.

Speaking of starting your dream business online, I’m sure you would have thought of several ways of growing it, with referral marketing being an important part.

And if you haven’t thought of using referral marketing for your e-commerce store, I don’t blame you because it’s undervalued by many.

A meme featuring two characters, one representing paid marketing and the other representing referral marketing.

In case you’d like to learn why a referral program for your e-commerce business is important, this article will help you.

Now let’s move forward. Whether you’re a Shopify store owner who is still exploring a referral program or already has one, I strongly want to know these 5 things.

Try it for your Shopify store and thank me later.

1. Know if Your E-commerce Store Is Referral Ready

Do you have a base of existing customers who love you? Customers who will be ready to shower your e-commerce business with shares and support once you launch your referral program?

Ensuring that your eCommerce store has Social Proof is the first step. For this, you need to focus on those sets of customers who are happy with your product or gave you a shining badge of testimonials. For a better idea, look at how Beardo, a men’s grooming company has highlighted their product’s selling proof. They can easily run a referral program on this user segment.

Beardo logo, featuring a stylized beard with the brand name written in bold, sans-serif letters.