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Amazed, how Amazon Uses Quiz to Engage App Users? Here’s How You Can Do It Too!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

If you have a mobile app, the chances are that your company has invested a sizeable fraction of capital in its development. That is true for most businesses. On average, a majority of apps get uninstalled with 30 days.

Hence, app retention and user engagement are challenges that are bigger than they might appear on the surface.

The strength of several businesses lies in the engagement of their audiences with the company. As the user engagement rises, more people talk about the company, and it starts to become a brand with high authority and is trusted by many people. 

Business owners, content creators and marketers often look for innovative ways to draw more engagement to their brand. Usually, the solution is an inspiration from the past but has not been utilised to its full potential. Quizzes are an example of that. 

Quizzes to Increase In-App Engagement – A Genius Strategy? 

As much as most people resent exams or tests, they do love simple and fun quizzes. Even more so when they get an incentive like discount coupons or free products.

Putting up quizzes on your apps can give you the following advantages: 

  1. Increase user retention

  2. Maximise app engagement

  3. Efficiently segment audiences

  4. Upsell products or services 

  5. Generate organic traffic to your website 

  6. Generate a healthy and high-converting email list 

Tech and e-commerce giants like Amazon actively leverage the power of gamifying mobile applications and quiz marketing to optimise their conversion funnels and build rapport within their community by incentivising the time users spend on their apps.

Let’s take a deep dive into how Amazon uses quizzes as one of its prime user engagement strategies in 2021.

What is Amazon Quiz? Is it any Good?

Amazon Quiz is Amazon’s daily quiz contest. Anybody who meets the eligibility criteria is allowed to take part in the daily quiz contest for free. 

To participate in the quiz, you must have the Amazon app installed on your smartphone and sign in with your account. In the search bar, search for quizzes and get started. 

You will be asked five questions, each of which has four options to choose from. People who correctly answer all five questions are eligible for a lucky draw to win exciting Amazon rewards!  

Amazon’s way of maximizing app engagement using Quizzes

Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies with more than 150 million users! And a revenue generation of over USD 21 billion in 2020 alone! However, not all users actively engage with Amazon or are subscribed to their mailing list. That poses a challenge for Amazon to effectively reach out to its users and keep them on their app for longer. 

Amazon leveraged the power of quiz to reach a more significant segment of its audience. As a result, more users spend a greater amount of time on the Amazon app, which provides the tech giant with big processing data to make informed marketing decisions and finetune its customer retention strategy.

By entering the quiz contest, the user consents to subscribe to Amazon’s mailing list. After that, Amazon can market its products and services more effectively through email marketing and segmentation. This is one of Amazon’s marketing quiz tactics’ key goals – to build a healthy email list for the highest conversion rates. 

That is vital because email marketing offers an unparalleled Return on Investment (ROI) of 122%, which is about four times more than other digital marketing strategies! 

Hence, through better segmentation and personalisation, Amazon can effectively sell new products to new quiz contestants and upsell their products to older quiz players and customers. 

Above all, since Amazon quizzes are held regularly, most quiz players are not one-time players. They are repeat customers and active Amazon users. 

Here is how your App can get started with Quiz marketing like Amazon

By now, it is evident that quizzes are a phenomenally underrated tool that you can use to peak your application’s user engagement. So, if you are thinking, “How can I generate more sales and increase mobile app engagement with quizzes?” here are some tips and tricks to do just that! 

Firstly, you need reliable customer engagement software and a platform that effectively delivers quizzes to your audiences and creates a seamless gamified experience for them, all while diligently capturing their email addresses to your mailing list. 

Not all companies are built from the ground up with integrated quiz marketing channels. Hence, a more straightforward solution is required not to consume a lot of capital to execute the customer engagement strategy. 

Flyy provides a no-code Quiz solution for Apps seeking to increase their user engagement with quizzes.

Along with that, you can use the tips given below as well.

Have a Concept

For your quizzes to be engaging, the questions should not be arbitrary or disconnected. The best practice is to set a theme for each quiz. 

You can even go the extra mile and add subtle references or questions within the quiz that are intrinsic to your brand. It will help to raise brand awareness.

Frame Questions Smartly 

Frame the questions of your quizzes that can be answered by most people, if not all. These questions should also attempt to reveal the persona of audiences. Doing so will help you maximise the efficiency of your email marketing by allowing you to segment the audiences effectively. 

Incentivise the Quizzers

Yes, it is impractical to reward everyone who takes part in the quiz with large gifts. Nevertheless, offering a greater number of people discount coupons or something as simple as a digital resource like an e-book for free will pay off in the long run. 

Catchy Visuals and Leader boards

Gamification apps are obligated to be quirky and visually appealing to be successful and rope in many people. 

Catchy titles and frequently updating the leader board makes for an excellent user engagement platform that gets users hooked onto your app like never before! 

Conduct Quizzes Frequently

All of your users are not free to take the quiz every time. Some might opt for playing the quiz in the morning while some in the evening. Therefore, assigning a narrow time slot for your quizzes could be detrimental to your marketing efforts in the long term. 

Ideally, keep the quiz open throughout the day or assign multiple time slots throughout the day if your quizzes are daily. You may even choose to have weekly or monthly quizzes. However, customer retention will likely be greater when the quiz frequency is higher. 


All in all, if your brand or business has not started using quizzes to engage app users and maximise app retention like Amazon, now is the time to get started. Use Flyy’s plug-and-play SDK to get your quiz marketing game started in less than a week! 

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