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How to use Quiz to Engage App Users

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Traditional marketing techniques have become outdated. Users have seen those so many times that they no longer respond. For businesses that own apps, this means you need to come up with new ways to ensure app retention and attract more users.

Interactive marketing is emerging as the go-to method to achieve increased mobile app engagement.

With interactive marketing, you are providing value to the customers by taking their feedback.

One of the popular ways to implement this is to add quizzes to your app. Big players like Amazon and Flipkart also use Quiz to increase app engagement.

Are you curious to know more about how to use quizzes to improve app retention and engagement? The guide below will help you with app engagement best practices.

How to Use Quiz to increase Mobile App Engagement?

One-way content is on its way out. Users are bored of such content and need something more from you. If used correctly, Quiz can increase app stickiness and engagement while also providing valuable insights regarding your customers and their needs. Here is how you go about designing a quiz that can deliver all this.

Keep Them Light And Fun

While you can use Quiz to inform users about your products or brand philosophy, users should not feel like it is a test. Give your Quiz funky names and make them fun.

You can use a timed Quiz or make a quiz competition where the ones that answer the most questions in the shortest time win a specific prize. Use a lighthearted tone and fun questions to keep your users coming back for more, thereby increasing your app’s retention rates.

Use Visuals

Simple text-based questions and answers can get boring after a while. Use visuals to enhance the user experience and get them hooked on the quizzes. Images, GIFs, short videos can all make quizzes more engaging.

Another advantage of using visuals is that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can add a quiz where users are shown specific images and asked questions related to the image. You can even show a series of images and ask them to identify the common thread in the images.

All of these work more effectively in increasing mobile app engagement.

Be Regular

Have a schedule for running Quiz. You don’t need a new quiz every day. But have at least one new quiz every week. Pick the days when you conduct the quizzes and advertise them on the app to avoid confusion.

When you are regular with the quiz, your users know what days to check for them. They will revisit the app on quiz days. However, if you do not advertise the schedule or do not post the quiz regularly, the users eventually lose interest.

Let me give you a short case study on this. Last year one of our customers, Turtlemint (Series D InsurTech startup) told us that they are looking to use Quiz to increase user engagement in the App.

They asked us if we could make a plug-and-play solution for Quiz as a part of Flyy.

We agreed as it was already a part of our Product Roadmap. The MVP was ready in 3 weeks and since November they have experimented with different schedules for Quiz like —

  1. “Daily Quiz from 8–8:15 pm for 5 days” every month

  2. “Daily Quiz from 7–9pm for 5 days” every month

  3. “Daily Quiz from 8–8:30pm for 5 days” twice a month

  4. Latest one — “Quiz every Monday from 6–9pm” for the next 2 months.

They have gotten good results so far. However, I am sure they will continue experimenting with the schedule to get the best possible results.

I will say it again — It is very important to be regular.

Offer Rewards

While playing Quiz is enjoyable in itself, you can make it more interesting by offering rewards.

This is one of the best app retention strategies. Create a scoreboard where you award points to those who play regularly and win the most points.

You can even offer some discounts or free samples to those who win the quizzes or reach the top of the scoreboard. It will motivate them to keep playing and keep coming back to the app, thereby increasing their app retention rates.

This is how Turtlemint is rewarding their users using Flyy to participate in the Quiz.

Encourage Sharing on Social Media

The option to share results on social media apps is mandatory in this day and age. Not only does it give the users a chance of sharing their wins with their friends and family, but it also acts as additional marketing. More people may come to know about your app from these posts and decide to download it.

Incorporate Trends and Current Themes

Make your quiz relevant and exciting, incorporating current themes. If a festival is on the horizon, then make your quiz about the festival. It will pique the user’s interest and will also make it more relevant.

Changing the quiz theme to keep up with the times ensures that your quizzes are always fresh and users keep coming back for more. It can go a long way in increasing your app retention.

Benefits of Using Quiz on Mobile App

If you take out your smartphone and look at the screen, what do you see? Apps! Your phone is full of mobile apps that you can use for anything, from tracking your steps to buying another smartphone.

With over 2.9 million apps in Play Store and 4.4 million apps in the Apple App Store, it would help if you used every advantage you can get to stay ahead of the competition and gain more users.

The quiz provides just that. A marketing tool that offers the following benefits:

  1. Quiz engage your users. If your quizzes are fun and exciting, then your users will stay for the whole quiz, and the duration they use the app will be at least the duration it takes to finish the quiz.

  2. Users can share the quiz results online. It will attract more users to your app and increase daily active users.

  3.  You can use quizzes to add value to your customers. They will appreciate the effort taken to educate them and become loyal clients.

  4. Offering discounts to quiz winners will ensure that they are encouraged to purchase to redeem the discount. If you put a reasonable time limit to use the discount, then there is a high probability that the customer will make a purchase. It drives up your revenue.

  5.  When you add a quiz to your app, you can see up to 30% increase in the number of monthly active users, provided you have a solid communication plan.

A lot of product managers are looking to use Quiz as part of their long-term engagement strategy. However, the effort required to build a bug-free, customizable and robust system is a lot for the internal team.

Let’s just accept that it’s a product in itself and Flyy has a plug-and-play solution for it. So, why reinvent the wheel?

Startups should focus on their core product unless they have resources similar to Flipkart & Amazon at their disposal.


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