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How to use Quiz to Engage App Users

Updated: Apr 19

Traditional marketing techniques have become outdated. Users have seen those so many times that they no longer respond. For businesses that own apps, this means you need to come up with new ways to ensure app retention and attract more users.

Interactive marketing is emerging as the go-to method to achieve increased mobile app engagement.

With interactive marketing, you are providing value to the customers by taking their feedback.

One of the popular ways to implement this is to add quizzes to your app. Big players like Amazon and Flipkart also use Quiz to increase app engagement.

Are you curious to know more about how to use quizzes to improve app retention and engagement? The guide below will help you with app engagement best practices.

How to Use Quiz to increase Mobile App Engagement?

One-way content is on its way out. Users are bored of such content and need something more from you. If used correctly, Quiz can increase app stickiness and engagement while also providing valuable insights regarding your customers and their needs. Here is how you go about designing a quiz that can deliver all this.

Keep Them Light And Fun

While you can use Quiz to inform users about your products or brand philosophy, users should not feel like it is a test. Give your Quiz funky names and make them fun.

You can use a timed Quiz or make a quiz competition where the ones that answer the most questions in the shortest time win a specific prize. Use a lighthearted tone and fun questions to keep your users coming back for more, thereby increasing your app’s retention rates.

Use Visuals

Simple text-based questions and answers can get boring after a while. Use visuals to enhance the user experience and get them hooked on the quizzes. Images, GIFs, short videos can all make quizzes more engaging.

Another advantage of using visuals is that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can add a quiz where users are shown specific images and asked questions related to the image. You can even show a series of images and ask them to identify the common thread in the images.

All of these work more effectively in increasing mobile app engagement.