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Redefining Rentomojo Referral Program with Gamification

Transitioning to adulthood is so ironic, isn’t it? After years of living amidst the warmth of our family, all cuddled around the comfort of our nest, a day comes when we finally have to leave and fly.

Fly to an exciting yet challenging beginning where we make our own decisions, take responsibility and build our own nest, which we can call home.

Just like most of you, I spread my wings and flew too, when I moved into a new house in 2017. Bit by bit, my friends and I turned our bachelor pad into a homely environment.

We took care of most of the things like keeping it organized, setting up the kitchen, and hiring a cook but there was something that was lacking — furniture and appliances.

Because home for me is a place I can come to after a long day, be a couch potato for a while, watch TV, grab a snack from the fridge and just relax.

But when you’re in the initial days of your career, you can’t really make such financial commitments.

Moreover, owning furniture and appliances can be a hassle and given the uncertainty attached to job location and landlord tantrums, you may often feel -

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However, my flatmates and I didn’t want to compromise on the homely vibes and finally decided to rent furniture and appliances, an economical and right choice.

That was the first time I came across the renting concept and thereby, Rentomojo.

Fast forward to 2023, I still rent furniture from them and have lost count of friends I’ve referred via word of mouth.

This is why when I decided to write about the furniture referral program, I knew I had to start from them.

Let’s look at what Rentomojo’s referral program looks like and the things you can learn as a brand.

Rentomojo Referral Program

Rentomojo is an online rental solution for furniture and appliances which makes working professionals live an upgraded lifestyle on a budget, especially in a city like Bangalore.

Now speaking of furnishings, we humans tend to turn to suggestions, wouldn’t you agree?

“Your sofa is quite comfy. Where did you get it from?”, “I’m planning to get a dining table, any suggestions?”.

This is why a referral program for a furniture brand, especially one that gives it our on rent makes perfect sense.


Refer and Save on Rent

Speaking of customer motivation, let’s understand why a referral program for rental furniture and appliance brands is ideal.

You own a sofa and yet don’t own it — this feeling is something that working professionals who are mostly hustling in their 20s will relate to.

They needn’t worry about its maintenance, and relocation and yet enjoy having it. This is the first reason I or anyone would totally refer a friend to Rentomojo.

Second, since the rent is recurring, a referrer can easily refer and save some amount on rent.

Rentomojo that’s why offers RentoMoney of ₹225 to both referrer and referee upon successful referral and order placement. The app today has a 1 lac+ customer base who have referred their friends.


Easy to Refer and Earn

Going over the basics again, I can easily refer a friend to Rentomojo via the links that appear upon clicking on refer now.

Next, all my friend has to do is sign up (the Rentomojo referral code is automatically applied) for both of us to get ₹25 and place an order for both of us to get ₹200.


Referral Status on Point

The success of any referral program depends on how convenient it is to check referral status and Rentomojo has cracked it!

I simply loved the information it provides the moment someone uses my referral code. It shows

  1. The amount I earned is the first step to referral clarity

  2. How much amount I can still earn and what do I need to do for that

  3. Details of a referred friend with the stage

So I as a referrer can always remind my friend, Aadhi, to place her order so that we both can earn the remaining Rentomoney referral bonus.


Referral Program - A Hidden Gem

While Rentomojo has put a great deal of effort into thinking through a referral program, it’s not only shown in the footer on the website and dashboard which doesn’t guarantee a customer would refer a friend.

To boost referral sales, Rentomojo should rather tap into customers ‘Aha Moment’ and one way to do this is by communicating a referral program in the order delivered email.


All Renting, No Fun?

While I’d referred many of my millennial friends to rent furniture and appliances from Rentomojo verbally, I honestly never did it using their referral program.

That is because it never got my attention.

If you as a brand want your referral program to get noticed, it’s important that the least you do is create extrinsic motivation amongst customers, and intrinsic if possible.

One idea that I can think of Rentomojo doing this is via gamification.

How Rentomojo Could Gamifiy Rental Experience

Gamification isn’t complicated. It’s all about thinking of ways to make engagement interesting and furnishing is already entertaining and satisfying, right?

So all Rentomojo need to do is add fun elements to increase referral program participation and get users’ attention, unlike in my case.

Refer and Flaunt

Referrer and referee could share a picture of the stuff they rent and get featured on a Rentomojo wall. They already feature stories of people who share pictures of their lovely furnished homes on Instagram.


It Rewards to Match Furniture

This is my favourite. Every time someone refers a friend, both the referrer and referee could win scratch card based stickers which could have Rentomojo products.

Both referrer and referee could be asked to scratch and see if they get the same pair of furniture or appliance (based on a probability set). If they do, Rentomojo could offer a rental discount to both of them. IKEA came up with an interesting gamification idea in 2018. They launched ‘Matchers Keepers’ - an episodic YouTube game show where couples/flatmates pair up to check taste alignment and take the furniture home if it’s a match!


Wrong Answer Teaches and Right Answer Rewards

What if I as a customer got a chance to take part in a quiz and if I won it, I could unlock the reward by referring a friend? Cool, right? Rentomojo could launch a quiz based on either its brand, products or healthy lifestyle like which posture is right while sitting on a chair. Based on all correct answers, it could offer rewards to users which can be unlocked upon 1 referral or more.

Homecentre gamified their products sale by launching an engaging quiz called Take Back Bedtime. Herein, users got to be sleep detectives by

  1. Watching a video

  2. Answering what they thought was the problem

  3. Learn the solution with Homecentre’s products

Post this, users who completed the quiz successfully stood a chance to win rewards by sharing their details.

Is Your Referral Program Interesting?

Rentomojo’s referral program is well-built but clearly has room for gamification. If you’d like to increase your referral program’s participation and make it fun, Flyy’s referral software can help. Don’t have a referral program? That’s easy too. Get one for your business here.



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