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Viral Referral Program – Planning & Development (Part 2)

Updated: 3 days ago

This is the second post in the series of three blog posts on AppBrowzer’s Viral Referral Program.

In September 2018, I read this article about Tez (now Google Pay) getting 7.5 million installs in a month. That’s an average of 2,50,000 installs a day. As a marketer, I was intrigued and wanted to know how they did it.

Google does spend a lot of money on advertisements every year— online as well as offline.

However, that was their total advertising spend across all products— Google Maps, Google Duo, Google Pixel Phone, Tez(Google Pay), Google Home, GCloud, etc.

I wanted to find out how much they spent on Tez alone and was trying to dig information when I came across these comments (screenshot below) in one of the articles.

Mention of Google Pay Referral Program

Micro-Influencers – A key ingredient for a Viral Referral Program

I searched for Tez Referral Program on youtube. A lot of micro-influencers in India promote referral programs on their channels to make money.

I knew this because when we launched our first referral program, 3–4 influencers on youtube picked it up and promoted on their channel.

There were at least 5 videos on Tez Referral Program with 1 million+ views on the first page alone.

I kept scrolling down to see how many videos have been made.

The idea that they spent a lot of money on ads to acquire users completely faded as I could see that thousands of micro-influencers were promoting their referral program.

I will talk more about the micro-influencers on Instagram/Youtube/Telegram/